.462" Large bore Standard model 1st slide thumb hook Rose brass leadpipe Monel pistons Clear lacquer finish King 7C mouthpiece 7502C molded case.
Great condition violin with bow and case
Yamaha YSL-354 Series Student Trombone only opened the case a few times, since our son decided against band the first week of school. BRAND NEW & Beautiful! This Yamaha student Trombone is top of The line model! This magnificent instrument features many of the qualities of Yamaha s Top Pro Models, yet it is available at a surprisingly affordable price. We paid $1637 (case included with all clea...
Bass/Kick Drum, Floor Tom, Mid Tom, High Tom, Snare drum, Ride Cymbal & stand, Hi Hat Cymbals and stand, adjustable stool and several sets of drum sticks. Purchased for percussion student who only did band for 3 years and hardly touched these at home. In GREAT shape!!! Would be a wonderful Christmas gift for any boy or girl who dreams of being in a rock band.
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